High resolution at the cellular level – Exeins Health Initiative launches a pioneering Single-Cell RNA sequencing project In Indonesia

Exeins Health Initiative (EHI) proudly announces its groundbreaking achievement in successfully optimizing a single-cell RNA sequencing protocol on the 10x Genomics platform—the first of its kind in Indonesia. This milestone showcases EHI’s dedication to advancing scientific research and propelling Indonesia’s position as a leader in cutting-edge biomedical technologies.

A project conceived in 2021-2022 during the rising concern of VoC strains, Delta and Omicron variants of SARS-CoV-2, PT Pandu Biosains supported EHI’s journey to embark on a transformative project focused on understanding and analyzing multisystem inflammatory syndrome in Indonesian children (MIS-C). MIS-C is a rare hyperinflammatory complication of COVID-19 pediatric patients and little is known about the condition. By harnessing the power of single-cell RNA sequencing, EHI aims to unravel the intricate mechanisms underlying this syndrome and pave the way for improved diagnostics and targeted therapies.

On May 31st, Frilasita Aiysah Yudhaputri, CEO of Exeins Health Initiative, was invited to the 10x Genomics South East Asia Roadshow to present EHI’s experience of exploring gene expression at the single cellular level on the 10x Genomics platform. Although the study is still in progress, EHI is excited to share with Indonesian researchers the prospects of single-cell RNA sequencing to accelerate research capacity in Indonesia.

This project would not have been possible without the support and technical expertise of PT Pandu Biosains and 10x Genomics Singapore. The essential patient enrollment and case characterization could only be achieved with our collaborators, dr. Nina dwi Putri Sp.A(K) and dr. Tartila Sp.A(K) from the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia RSCM. Finally, we appreciate Prodia Clinical Laboratory for providing their facilities so we can conduct sequencing on the Illumina NextSeq 550 platform.

To learn more about our partners and collaborators, We invite you to visit their websites.


PT Pandu Biosains: https://www.biosains.com/
10x Genomics: https://www.10xgenomics.com/
Prodia Clinical Laboratory: https://prodia.co.id/id/
Universitas Indonesia, Faculty of Medicine Website: https://fk.ui.ac.id/


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