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In commemoration of International Day of Women and Girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), MalariaGEN Genomic Epidemiology Network, selected 6 great women around the world who led the malaria genomic surveillance project



Pinkan Kariodimedjo, research assistant of Exeins Health Initiative (EHI), was selected as one of the representatives from Indonesia. Together with her two colleagues also from EHI, Agatha Mia Puspitasari and Nadia Fadila, initiated a sequencing hub in Indonesia to monitor malaria as part of a malaria elimination program. Genomic surveillance is carried out using a technique called amplicon sequencing of malaria parasites originating from all over Indonesia. 



Pinkan is inspired by all the great women around her in all systems in the world of research, from laboratory assistants to Professors.



“I have role models who I can relate to. I’m close to them,” she says. “They have responsibilities at home, and they still do exceptional scientific work. No matter what gender you are, you can be socially impactful and still be present at home.” – Pinkan Kariodimedjo, 2023


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