US CDC Validates EHI Laboratory Operations for Vector-Borne Pathogen Detection in Indonesia

From March 4 to 8th 2024, researchers from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US CDC) visited the Exeins Health Initiative (EHI) and validated the laboratory assays and provided helpful suggestions to improve laboratory infrastructure of EHI in detecting vector-borne pathogens in Indonesia. This validation underscores the commitment reaffirmed by the US CDC in March 9th, 2023, to collaborate with EHI in combating the spread of infectious diseases in the region.

Since the reaffirmation of commitment in 2023, the US CDC has closely collaborated with EHI to bolster its capabilities in detecting vector-borne pathogens. Almost a year later, the US CDC conducted a comprehensive assessment of EHI facilities, particularly focusing on the maintenance of the Biosafety Level-2 (BSL-2) enhanced laboratory. This upgraded infrastructure ensures the safe handling and analysis of infectious agents, thereby enhancing EHI’s capacity to tackle emerging pathogen threats in Indonesia.

During the visit to EHI facilities, experts from the US CDC engaged in extensive consultations with EHI staff regarding project protocols. These discussions encompassed a wide array of methodologies including Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), cell culture, serological testing, molecular testing, and data analysis. By aligning protocols with international standards and best practices, EHI is poised to conduct thorough and reliable surveillance of vector-borne pathogens in Indonesia.

A pivotal aspect of the validation process involved the conduct of a proficiency test for EHI staff by the US CDC. This rigorous assessment aimed to validate EHI’s capacity to accurately test for arboviruses endemic in Indonesia, including alphaviruses, flaviviruses, and orthobunyaviruses. By

successfully passing this proficiency test, EHI has demonstrated its competence in detecting and identifying crucial pathogens responsible for vector-borne diseases, thereby bolstering the region’s preparedness and response capabilities.

The validation of EHI’s laboratory operations and infrastructure by the US CDC marks a significant milestone in the collaborative efforts to combat vector-borne pathogens in Indonesia. Through meticulous consultation, protocol refinement, and proficiency validation, EHI has emerged as a key player in the region’s public health landscape. This validation not only underscores the effectiveness of the partnership between US CDC and EHI but also serves as a testament to the commitment towards safeguarding global health security.

To learn more about the CDC’s initiatives in Indonesia and its efforts to combat vector-borne diseases globally, please visit:

– CDC Global Health:

– CDC Division for Vector-Borne Diseases:

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