Community Health Examination on Vector-borne Diseases in the Sebatik Island, a Border Island in the Northern Kalimantan of Indonesia

Into the Field: Community Health Examination on Vector-borne Diseases in the Sebatik Island, a Border Island in the Northern Kalimantan of Indonesia

In the field of infectious disease management, surveillance is of paramount importance, particularly when dealing with diseases transmitted by vectors and emerging infections. Surveillance involves the systematic and vigilant monitoring of diseases, enabling early detection, containment, and effective control measures to safeguard public health.

The Exeins Health Initiative (EHI) answered the call for assistance from the local health authority, Dinkes Nunukan, to conduct a health examination campaign focused on vector-borne diseases on Pulau Sebatik, Kabupaten Nunukan, North Kalimantan, Indonesia on the 4th-6th September 2023. EHI, as a socio-techno enterprise, gladly extended its support to this crucial social endeavor, exemplifying the collaborative spirit in the pursuit of better public health.

Pulau Sebatik is a unique island situated on the border between Indonesia and Malaysia. Its geographical location carries not only cultural significance but also health implications. Being a border area, it is imperative to closely monitor and manage diseases that can easily cross boundaries, underscoring the importance of surveillance and healthcare interventions.

The community on Pulau Sebatik wholeheartedly embraced the health examination activities conducted at various local health centers (puskesmas). Their active participation, combined with the support provided by security forces, greatly facilitated the successful execution of these health initiatives.

The health examinations carried out in the region encompassed comprehensive screenings for a range of vector-borne diseases, including malaria, dengue, leptospirosis, and related illnesses. This thorough assessment aimed to identify potential cases, raise awareness, and provide treatment when necessary, all with the goal of reducing the burden of these diseases on the local community.

EHI’s unwavering commitment to enhancing public health in Indonesia remains a cornerstone of our mission. Our dedication to assisting the community and other stakeholders in addressing health challenges reflects a collaborative and determined approach, particularly in regions like Pulau Sebatik, where disease control and surveillance are of utmost importance.


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