EHI Scientists Awarded Australia Awards Fellowships Collaboration: Advancing Knowledge on Mosquito-borne Viruses

We are immensely proud to announce that our CEO, Frilasita Aisyah Yudhaputri, MBiomedSc, and senior clinical researcher, dr. Marsha S. Santoso, MIPH, are awarded Australia Awards Fellowships, to represent EHI to collaborate with eight other woman scientists from a range of Asian Pacific countries, including Vietnam, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. The Australia Award Fellowship is a prestigious Australian government-funded fellowship collaborative network that aims to strengthen partnerships between Australian organizations and provide funding for eligible professionals who are passionate in advancing knowledge on priority areas along with building partnership with other countries in their journeys. This reputable program is hosted by Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane, Australia.

The program is providing two-week intensive research and professional development,

on 6th–20th  November 2023.

Together, these brilliant women collaborate and work on decreasing the disease burden caused by mosquito-borne viruses. The team is equipped with unique and diverse perspectives, along with vast knowledge on virology, public health, and clinical management. Collaborative attempts among women scientists play a pivotal role in diminishing long standing barriers that hindered their progress in the past. Through shared experiences and joint advocacy, these collaborations contribute to dismantling gender stereotypes and promoting gender equity within the scientific community. According to Associate Professor of QUT, Francesca Frentiu, “Viruses, such as dengue, Japanese encephalitis, Zika, and chikungunya, have enormous detrimental effects on public health and economic development.” Therefore, it is imperative for us to be aware of its looming danger which may turn into epidemics in Asian Pacific countries and EHI has always believed in prioritizing virus research. This research is crucial because it enables a deeper understanding of the mechanisms, transmission patterns, and potential treatments of viral infections, ultimately contributing to the growth of effective preventive measures and therapeutics for the benefit of global public health.

EHI always aims to become one of Indonesia’s research leaders and to further progress Indonesia as a country that values science development. Therefore, we strongly believe that by joining this fellowship program, EHI can take a step in the right path of progressing and improving Indonesia’s global research performance. EHI extends heartfelt wishes to our scientists for a journey filled with unexpected discoveries and personal growth. We have full confidence that their endeavors will yield valuable insights and contribute to advancing our understanding of viral research. In conclusion, the collaboration of women scientists is a powerful catalyst for scientific advancement. As women scientists continue to work together, their collective impact will undoubtedly shape the future of scientific discovery and inspire generations to come.

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