EHI invited the Director General of Public Health: Improving Public Health Perception and Research Distribution in Indonesia

EHI invited the Director General of Public Health from the Indonesian Ministry of Health, dr. Maria Endang Sumiwi, MPH, and several department officials to bring about an audience regarding EHI’s mission concerning the public health on 18th January 2024. EHI, since its establishment, has always aimed to foster public health and improve the scientific field throughout Indonesia. Along with this, the Ministry also introduced EHI to the transformation program that is planned as the next strategy to improve Indonesia’ public health and research perception. They noted that as of 2019, both communicable and non-communicable diseases in Indonesia have increased in prevalence and become leading causes of death for various age groups.

The root of this problem is discovered to be due to the lack of laboratory function and competency in promoting public health, especially in rural areas with fewer essential facilities and financial support, along with the uneven distribution of competent scientists throughout Indonesia. Thus, to bridge the gap of the problem, the Indonesian Ministry of Health is proposing a transformation program focusing on intrinsically improving the health laboratory systems throughout the country. Through collaborative networking between government and private laboratories in Indonesia, the Ministry’s program will be centered around building services provided by health facilities (Puskesmas, Posyandu, and Labkesmas), raising awareness of public health through campaigns, strengthening health technology implementation, and preventing avoidable mortalities through early screenings.

EHI believe that through this joint effort, the Ministry believe that more established laboratories can actively participate in evenly distributing research potential and advocate public health throughout Indonesia. Public health perception is important as a well-informed and engaged public is essential for creating a healthier society and addressing public health challenges effectively along with improving the quality of human resources, poverty alleviation, and economic development. EHI hopes that this program can improve Indonesian human resources in the scientific field and allow more conception of future research projects based in Indonesia along with improving the public’s perception of health.


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